Endgame Chosen by Fate

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Chapter Info

Area Boss
Dolhr Keep Medeus (Manakete, Boss)


Characters you can recruit in this chapter.

Character Class How to Recruit
Gotoh Sage Joins you when the battle begins

Walkthrough & Tips

  • The units in your army are divided into several groups, and each group are deployed in a corner or a side of the map. You must fight your way through enemies to reach the Final Boss, Medeus. This battle can be pretty hard, because the enemies have already spawned all over the place, close enough to attack your units in the first turn of the battle.
  • However, there is a very easy and fast way to reach Medeus and finish the game if you have two Warp staves and a unit that has an attack stat high enough to kill the Manakete adjacent to Medeus immediately.
    If you go along with this strategy, you must be properly prepared before you begin the battle.
    First go to Pick Units, then pick two of your Bishops into the battle. (in case you don't have two Bishops, Curates, Clerics, or Sages can do the job) Go to Inventory to have each of them carry a Warp staff. Go to Map and place a Bishop close to Marth, then put the other Bishop as close as possible to the unit that should kill the Manakete that guards Medeus.
    Go to Inventory, then hand Wyrmslayer to the unit that is supposed to kill the Manakete next to Medeus. This unit must defeat the Manakete in one turn.
    If Marth's level isn't high enough to defeat Medeus in one turn, have your Ballistitian equip the best Ballista you've got in your inventory. Put the Ballistitian as near to Medeus as possible so that the Ballistitian can hurl missiles at Medeus to back up Marth.
  • Let's begin the battle. First use Warp on the unit with Wyrmslayer to get him to warp to the space next to the Manakete that stays by Medeus' side. Attack the Manakete with Wyrmslayer and kill him.
    Then have your the other Bishop use Warp to Marth and send Marth to the sole space adjacent to Medeus. If your Marth can't kill Medeus at this point due to lack of his attack stat, have your Ballistitian shoot Medeus to deal some damage. Then have Marth attack Medeus with Falchion and defeat him once and for all.
  • You don't have to seize in the Endgame chapter. After you defeat Medeus, watch the epilogue cutscene, staff roll and ending movie.