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List of Classes

Class Characters
Archer Gordin, Tomas
Ballistitian Jake, Beck
Bishop Boah
Cavalier Abel, Cain, Frey, Matthis, Hardin, Caesar
Cleric Lena, Maria
Curator Wrys
Dracoknight Minerva
Fighter Barst, Bord, Cord
Freelancer Xane
Hero Astram, Samson
Horseman Sedgar, Wolf
Hunter Castor
Knight Draug, Roger, Macellan, Dolph
Lord Marth
Mage Merric, Linde
Manakete Bantu, Tiki
Mercenary Ogma
Myrmidon Navarre, Radd
Paladin Jagen, Midia, Arran
Peg Knight Caeda, Catria, Palla, Est
Pirate Darros
Sage Wendell
Sniper Jeorge
Thief Julian, Rickard

Class Change

Upper Class Lower Class
Archer Sniper
Ballistitian -
Cavalier Paladin
Cleric Bishop
Curator Bishop
Freelancer -
Hunter Horseman
Knight General
Lord -
Mage Sage
Manakete -
Mercenary Hero
Myrmidon Swordmaster
Peg Knight Dracoknight
Thief -
  • Some classes like Freelancer, Lord, and Thief don't have the corresponding upper classes. These units can't use Master Seal to be promoted, but their level go up to as high as Lv30 instead of promotion.