Western Wormwood

DQ9 Walkthrough - Western Wormwood walkthrough, hints and guide.

On Your First Visit

  • Visit Wormwood Canyon after obtaining the Wyrmlight Bow at The Bowhole. Leave Western Wormwood by the southwest exit to appear in Wormwood Canyon.
  • Monsters such as Bloody Manguini, Grim Grinner, Sluggernaut, Splatterhorn, and Whirly Girly appear in Western Wormwood.

Northern Island

  • There is an island only accessible by ship to the north of Western Wormwood.
  • To reach this island, first Zoom to Newid Isle. Then get on your ship and sail to the west. Find this island between the northern continent and the southern continent.
  • There is not much on this island. But you must visit here if you intend to have a Swinedimple instructor's Quest, Keep Your Eyes Peeled transgressed. Find the red sign here and be sure to read the sign from both side, front and back.