Monster Chases After You

How to evade monsters that are chasing after you.

Monsters Chasing After You

  • In the field, you meet tons of monsters. Some monsters chase after you while you pass by them. When you are in haste or just don't feel like fighting, it could be really annoying.
  • When you get closer to one of certain kinds of monsters, a "!" pops out on its head. Then the monster begins to pursue you.
  • There are two ways by which monsters chase you. Sometimes Monsters charge at you at a high speed. Other times, they just continue to follow you.
  • Whether monsters chase you or not, or the way monsters chase you depends on monster species and which area you're traveling through. In an area, the same kind of monsters act the same.

How to Evade Charging Monsters

  • When a monster charges at you, don't just run away from it because they move faster than you and catches up easily.
  • Wait until the monster is in clear view, then sidestep a little when it comes near. After you dodge its rush, the monster can't stop and just go away.
  • Leave before the monster comes to a halt and makes another charge at you.

How to Evade Following Monsters

  • When a monster follows you, it's harder to get away. It's almost impossible because the monster runs faster than you.
  • When you get followed by a monster, see if there are any exits nearby. Go into another area by the exit and the monster gets lost.
  • If you can't find any exits nearby, try climbing up or down to a higher or lower platform. It's an effective way, for most monsters can't follow you without getting lost when you escape like this.
  • When you can't notice any exits nor stairs nor ladders, it's almost hopeless to get away from them. If you find a curved wall nearby, try running along the curve. Sometimes monsters hit the wall and get lost.