Mirage Mahal

DQ9 Walkthrough - Mirage Mahal walkthrough, hints and guide.

On Your First Visit

  • Take stairs to the second floor. Talk to the chancellor in the throne room. He asks you to find Drak, Queen Voluptua's pet lizard.
  • Talk to a handmaiden named Misslei, who is searching for Drak through a corridor on the first floor.
  • Look for an empty room. Use Party Trick Clap in the empty room, and a handmaid appears to tell you to look outside.
  • Return to Gleeba to look for any hints as to where Drak is.

After Catching Drak

  • Talk to the chancellor. You can have audience with Queen Voluptua. Voluptua leaves for her bathing chamber again.
  • Go up to the third floor of the castle to appear in the balcony. Then talk to a man who is fishing by the water. He tells you can fall down all the way to Queen Voluptua's bathing chamber from here. Examine the water to get to the bathing room.
  • Watch an ensuing scene. Drak and Voluptua will go into the well. Follow them into the well to The Plumbed Depths.

After Beating The Plumbed Depths

  • Talk with Queen Voluptua.
  • Go out of Mirage Mahal, then leave Gleeba. Embark on your ship to visit the continent to the east of Djust Desert. Disembark at the south end of the continent to appear in Hermany.