Mortamor's Castle (Dread Realm)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Mortamor's Castle in the Dread Realm.


On Your First Visit

  • Go upstairs to find a room partially covered with tiles with arrows on them. When you step on those tiles, you'll be carried to a certain place sliding on tiles. Step on the tiles from the right place, and you will reach the yellow panel. Step on the panel so as to make the arrows disappear.
    Press in to reach another set of tiles with arrows. Head northeast end of the room sliding on the tiles to take stairs to the next room.
  • This room also has tiles with arrows, but these tiles work differently from the ones in the previous room. When you step on these tiles, they make you jump up to the direction pointed by the arrows. Use these tiles to proceed over the ledges till you find a stairway leading down to a small room. Take the stairs to find a panel with an eye on it. Step on the panel to make the small room soar up to the next level.
  • There are nine doors in the next hall. Only one door is the right exit, leaving the rest wrong. If you go into the wrong exit, there is no penalty and you just return to the previous room. So don't hesitate to open every door and step inside to find the right one.
  • Now you should be in a foggy maze. The fog is thick enough to hide the path, but the occasional lightning flashes will illuminate the path. Get out of the maze by the north exit.
  • You are in the balcony of the castle. Head for the last room. In the last room, you can see stars and meteors behind your path. At the end of the room awaits the boss Mortamor.
  • Defeat Mortamor three times.
    First Mortamor looks like an elderly man. Mortamor's attack is mainly based on Magic, so casting Magic barrier will reduce damage. Also Insulate could be recommended, since Mortamor uses some fire-based attacks.
    Second Mortamor is more muscular. Most of this Mortamor's attacks are physical, so casting Kabuff would work. If someone in your party lacks in defence, you can keep casting Kabuff every turn until his defence no longer increases.
    Third and the last Mortamor consists of three monsters; Right hand, Mortamor, and Left hand. The Right hand and the Left hand both cast Kazing or Zing when one of the three is fallen. So you must defeat the hands first to prevent resurrection, then Mortamor itself. One hand will cast Kazing when you defeat the other, which is quite irritating. Try to eliminate two hands at the same time, or you'll have to keep defeating Mortamor's hands until the hands run out of MP. After defeating both hands, go hit Mortamor to defeat him once and for all.