Merchant (Standard Vocation)

Merchant is a Standard Vocation in Dragon Quest 6.

About Merchant

  • Merchant is
  • With a Merchant in your party, you'll earn more gold coins at the end of every battle. After you receive the gold coins, the member who is taking path of the Merchant will discover some additional coins.

Merchant Spell & Ability

Level Rank Spell & Ability
3 Salesclerk Dig
4 Pitchman Weird Dance
5 Trader War Cry
6 Broker Body Slam
7 Magnate Service Call

Merchant Attribute Bonus & Penalty

Attribute Bonus / Penalty
Strength -5%
Agility -40%
Resilience -20%
Wisdom +20%
Style -20%
Maximum HP +0%
Maximum MP -50%