Isle of Smiles (Dream World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Isle of Smiles in the Dream World.


On Your First Visit

  • After getting on the floating island from the pier near Aridea, you'll be taken to this island. You'll be forced to head for an old castle.
  • Jamirus is in the middle of his speech when you enter the room. You have to defeat the boss Jamirus to release the souls trapped in this castle.
  • After defeating Jamirus, the trapped souls of peaple including King Medaford Medallion will be freed. Medaford's Manor will appear at where the giant chasm you first fall from used to be. Visit Medaford's Manor after you collected enough Mini Medals.
  • Get on the floating island with the kidnapped people from Aridea. Talk to the innkeeper at the bar in the party room. When the ship arrives at the port near Aridea, you'll be awakened.
  • You have the floating island at your hand to use freely from now on. The floating island works as the Dream World version of the Providence.
  • You can pay visit to Aridea to see the kidnapped peaple has safely returned to the town.