Greedmore Valley (Dread Realm)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Greedmore Valley in the Dread Realm.


On Your First Visit

  • When you leave Despairia, go north and follow the mountain eastwards to find a town. This is the next town, Greedmore Valley.
  • Go into the mansion at the north of the town. Go upstairs to find Morgan Gainmore.
  • Enter the mine to the north of the town. You will find a treasure chest at the end of the mine. It contains Gainmore's letter.
  • Head back to Gainmore's with the letter. Morgan Gainmore will tell you about the northwest forest, where the treasure of Issac is said to be hidden.
  • Get out of Greedmore Valley and head northwest to find the forest. Walk around the forest until you find the hidden entrance to the lake.
  • Many townspeaple from Greedmore Valley are gathered around the lake. Talk to the man on the left side of the lake and answer "yes" to his question. The water in the lake will be drained.
  • All the townspeopke will rush into the dried-up lake for the treasure of Issac. To open the treasure chest first, you must reach it by the right path, not the left one. If you choose the left path, two of the townspeaple will reach the treasure chest first, making it impossible for you to reach the treasure chest.
  • After you open the treasure chest, the townspeaple will go back to Greedmore Valley. Examine the empty treasure chest to reveal a hidden stairway.