Gallows Moor (Dread Realm)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Gallows Moor in the Dread Realm.


On Your First Visit

  • Enter the underground passage by the stairs under the treasure chest that was said to contain Supreme Sage Issac's treasure.
  • Get out of the passage by the stairs at the end. Inside the well nearby lives an elderly man who restores all of your party members' HP and MP completely. So drop by if you need some cure.
  • At the northeast of the well, there stands Gallow's Moor. Enter the castle.
  • Defeat the guardian Gallows Giant protecting the entrance to the prison. After Defeating the Gallows Giant, talk to his brother standing behind. You will receive the Jailor's key.
  • Go into the prison to be instantly caught up by a guard. You will be slung into the cell.
  • With the jailor's key, you can get out of the cell. Go north and take stairs to find another room with an abnormal cell.
  • Talk with Captain Blade, who'd been pretending to be a guard at Gallows Moor. Receive the Guard's garb from him.
  • Use the Guard's garb to turn into prison guards. Return to your cell where you had been slung into, then go south from there. With your Guard's garbs, other guards will take you for genuine guards.
  • Take stairs at the end of the corridor. You will be in the town part of Gallow's Moor.
  • Exit the town by the north door. Go upstairs to be back in the entrance of the castle. Talk to a soldier to learn that Sister Anne is to be brought to Blackmar tomorrow.
  • Return to the town part of Gallows Moor. Talk to the food distributor at the east of the town. Then talk to Magnus at the southeast end of the town. Magnus will let you pass. Talk to the food distributor again. He will tell you about the rebellion they had been planning.
  • While you are talking with the food distributor, some guards pull a prisoner into the town. The prisoner will be put on the guillotine. Defeat the two guards to prevent the execution.
  • After defeating the guards, another two of prison guards will appear. You can't beat these ones here. When the sorcerer casts his blinding spell in battle, you will just fall.
  • You will be thrown into the cell again. Your Jailor's key and Guard's garb will be taken away this time. Sleep a night in the cell.
  • Talk to the sleeping guard in front of the cell. Then the townspeaple come to your aid. Get out of the cell and receive the jailor's key.
  • Return to the town area. Talk to Erdrick in front of the north door. The rebellion will proceed.
  • Head for Blackmar's room. It's located at the top of Gallows Moor, and can be visited via the balcony. If you talk to Zaccus sleeping on the balcony floor, you can fight him. You can defeat him this time, although you don't have to go through this fight just to proceed into Blackmar's room.
  • Enter Blackmar's room. Defeat Blackmar and two Dragoons. The Dragoons will not reappear again once you defeat them. The dragoon calls for a Cureslime as backup, and Cureslime casts Fullheal to heal the monsters. So be sure to defeat the dragoon first, to leave Blackmar alone. Then you can attack Blackmar with all of your party members.
  • After defeating Blackmar, talk with the townspeaple who catch up with you. Then visit the special prison where the Supreme Sage Isaac is trapped. Now that Blackmar's curse no longer lingers on, you can simply open the cell with the Jailor's key. Use the Jailor's key again in front of Isaac and he will be released from the wall. Talk with him to learn that he is not actually Isaac, but his brother Benjamin.
  • Take stairs in the prison and you will be automatically sent back to the town area. Sleep a night to hear the Archfiend Mortamor's words.
  • Visit Benjamin again. Benjamin will give you the small glowing orb -the Orb of truth.
  • Head for Death's Cape.