Felonia Castle (Dream World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Felonia Castle in the Dream World.


On Your First Visit

  • When you come to this Felonia Castle from Felonia Castle in the Real World, a soldier takes you into the castle.
  • Go out of the castle by the entrance you came from. Enter the kitchen to the east of the main entrance.
  • At the kitchen, receive the Ceremonial offering that consists of snake-venom soup and dried frog from an old woman.
  • Go into the castle again by the main entrance. Go upstairs to find King Falle. Some soldiers will leave the throne room, so follow them to upstairs.
  • Hand in the Ceremonial offering to a soldier waiting in front of the chamber of ceremony. The soldier will put the offerings in the ceremonial chamber.
  • Go down to the throne room to see King Falle leave the room. Follow him to the chamber of ceremony.
  • Talk to the soldier guarding the door to the chamber. The ceremony will begin and the Demon will be summoned.
  • Get out of the castle with the Captain. While escaping from the castle, the captain will show you where the hidden staircase is located.
  • Peer into the well to be back in Felonia Castle in the Real World.