Dullerton (Real World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Dullerton in the Real World.


On Your First Visit

  • After visiting Max Wynne at Despairia, come back to the Real World via the well in Lotus Lagoon.
  • Head for Dullerton. You can't visit Dullerton by casting Zoom. Note that your maximum HP is still 1 and maximum MP is 0 as they were in the Dread Realm. Use the Celestial reins to make Pegasus fly all the way over to Dullerton, so that you get almost no chances of encountering wild monsters.
  • Visit Max Wynne's house where he used to live with his wife and his dog Silver. The house is at the west of Dullerton.
  • Talk to Max Wynne's dog Silver and he will sense something in your bag. Enter the house and show the Old pipe of Max's to his wife. Mrs Wynne will hand you the Tools.
  • Head back for Despairia. Leave Dullerton and use the Celestial reins, then press X to visit the Dread Realm again.