Destiny's Drop (Real World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Destiny's Drop in the Real World.


On Your First Visit

  • Visit Destiny's Drop. It's to the northeast of Clearvale.
  • Climb the left ladders first. You will find a ledge with the entrance to the cave while climbing. Move closer to the ledge sticking to the ladders, and let go of the ladder just when you are over the ledge. After successfully landing onto the ledge, go into the cave.
  • You'll find a treasure chest. The treasure chest contains the Golden Pickaxe.
  • Get out of the cave. Climb up the ladders to reach another entrance to the cave. Enter the cave to find some rocks in your way. Break the wall of rocks with the Golden Pickaxe you've obtained just now (Select Item, Golden Pickaxe, then Use). Take stairs and get out of the cave to reach a higher cliff.
  • Head toward the summit on ladders and through caves. When you encounter some rocks inside a cave, smash them with the Golden Pickaxe.
  • At the summit, smash the Chad of Courage with the Golden Pickaxe. You'll obtain the Shard of Courage. Head back for Clearvale.