Cloudsgate Castle (Dream World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Cloudsgate Castle in the Dream World.

On Your First Visit

  • Visit the shrine that has four panels with symbols on the floor. The shrine is located at the southeast of the World Map in the Real World.
  • You can switch the symbols of the panels by stepping on smaller panels. When you leave each panel with the right symbol, you can visit the Cloudsgate Citadel.
    To find the correct symbol for each panel, you must be aware of the inscriptions on each legendary equipment. You can see each weapon's inscription by either using it or peeping into it. After remembering the inscriptions, switch the symbol on each panel so that it matches the inscription of the related epuipment. The relations between the panels and the equipments are as follows:
    North panel: Helm of Sebath
    West panel: Sword of Ramias
    East panel: Shield of Velora
    South panel: Armour of Orgo
  • When you're done with the panels, the boss Stormsgate Citadel will appear. Defeat the Stormsgate Citadel.
  • After defeating the Stormsgate Citadel, you are now in the Stormsgate citadel itself. Enter the throne room and talk to Lord Dhuran.
  • Defeat the bosses. First defeat two monsters, then Terry, the swordsman in blue. After defeating Terry, you can fight Dhuran. Defeat Dhuran and he will tell you about the archfiend, Lord Mortamor.
  • The stormsgate citadel will turn into the cloudsgate citadel, which is its original forme.
  • Meet Lord Zenith in the throne room. He will imform you about the Pegasus.
  • Talk to the soldier guarding the well in the corridor. The soldier will let you pass.
  • Peer into the well. Once you are inside the well, get out of the well again. You will find yourself not in the cloudsgate castle, but near the Pillar of Pegasus.

After Reviving Pegasus

  • Meet Lord Zenith one more time. He enhances the Celestial reins so that you can visit the Dread Realm any time. The Dread realm is the place ruled by the Archfiend, Lord Mortamor.