Arkbolt (Real World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Arkbolt in the Real World.

On Your First Visit

  • When you first visit Arkbolt, you will notice Terry, the swordsman in blue carrying a large coffin behind him.
  • Talk to the guards at the entrance of the castle. The guards will let you pass.
  • Head for the throne room. First you have to defeat Bronson to reach the stairs. After defeating Bronson, take stairs leading to the balcony.
  • In front of the throne room, there stand the guards again. Defeat the guards Brick and Brock to enter the throne room.
  • In the throne room, talk to King Claymore. The King, Queen, Chancellor, and Captain Brutus will leave for the training room. Go southwest of the balcony and take stairs down to reach the training room.
  • At the training room, talk to Captain Brutus to begin the battle. Defeat Captain Brutus.
  • Go back to the throne room after defeating Captain Brutus. Talk to King Claymore, and he will inform you of his prize, the Sunder sword, for defeating the dragon nestled inside Wayferer's Pass. The chancellor will lend you a large coffin.
  • Leave the castle and head northwest for Wayfarer's Pass.

After Defeating Hacsaurus

  • After you saw Terry defeat Hacsaurus at Wayfarer's Pass, return to Arkbolt. As you reach the castle, you'll meet Terry again. He has won the Sunder sword as a token of King Claymore's grattitude.
  • Visit the throne room again. King Claymore tells you he's got nothing to give you for prize.
  • Return to Wayfarer's Pass. Now the pass has reopened.